How Has Angela Rippon Maintained a Youthful Appearance at Age 78 ?

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How Has Angela Rippon Maintained a Youthful Appearance at Age 78? progresses, one British television personality remains at the forefront of discussions concerning age and appearance: Angela Rippon. Born on October 12, 1944, Angela Rippon’s age stands at 78. Yet, her recent public appearances have left viewers and fans stunned by her youthful demeanor, notably during her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing.

How Has Angela Rippon Maintained A Youthful Appearance At Age 78?
How Has Angela Rippon Maintained A Youthful Appearance At Age 78?

The British television industry boasts many stalwarts, but few can match the sheer longevity and influence of Angela Rippon. For more than five decades, she has graced our screens, pioneering roles for women in the world of news journalism. Her current radiant look at 78 has only intensified the admiration she commands.

Summary of angela rippon age

Aspect Details
Name Angela May Rippon
Date of Birth October 12, 1944
Age in 2024 78 years
Major Achievement First woman to anchor BBC national TV news in 1975
Latest Public Appearance Strictly Come Dancing 2023
Notable Points Regarding Appearance Highly youthful look, credited to healthy lifestyle and genes
Previous Association with Ballroom Dance Presenter for BBC’s Come Dancing in 1970s and 1980s

Angela Rippon’s Background

Born Angela May Rippon in Plymouth, Devon, England, she started her illustrious journey in the 1960s. Initially, she began as a news reporter for both radio and TV, but her major breakthrough came in 1975. Angela then became the first woman to anchor the BBC national TV news on a permanent basis.

Angela Rippon’s Age

In 2022, Angela Rippon marked her 78th birthday. Fast forward to 2023, the “angela rippon age” searches have skyrocketed. This surge is primarily because of her participation in the Strictly Come Dancing show, where viewers were astonished by her spirited performances.


Angela Rippon’s Youthful Appearance

Social media is ablaze with discussions about Angela’s age-defying looks. Theories range from good genetics to potential cosmetic surgeries. However, Angela, in her candid nature, has credited her healthy lifestyle for her youthful looks. She’s noted her disinterest in cosmetic enhancements and her appreciation for the genes passed down from her parents.

Angela Rippon on Strictly Come Dancing

Angela’s participation in the 2023 Strictly Come Dancing edition wasn’t just noteworthy because of her age. Her skills, energy, and passion on the dance floor were palpable. She embraced the opportunity not just as a competition but as a platform to emphasize that age is merely a number.

Angela Rippon’s Career

Starting as a radio and TV news reporter to becoming the first woman to anchor the BBC national TV news in 1975, Angela’s career is studded with milestones. Over the years, she has also been associated with popular programs like Come Dancing and Rip-Off Britain, earning numerous accolades for her dedication to journalism.

Angela Rippon’s Health and Age

While she’s approaching her 80s, Angela is a testament to healthy aging. She remains proactive about her health, endorsing the importance of a balanced diet and consistent exercise. Moreover, she is unapologetic about discussing the challenges and joys of aging, aiming to shift perceptions around it.

Angela Rippon’s Special Connection to Strictly

Angela’s connection with ballroom dancing dates back to the 1970s and 1980s when she presented the BBC’s ballroom series, Come Dancing. Her 2023 appearance on its successor, Strictly Come Dancing, holds special significance as she’s the oldest contestant in the show’s history, proving once again that age is not a deterrent.


Angela Rippon, at 78, remains an epitome of grace, elegance, and tenacity. Her journey from pioneering roles in journalism to lighting up the dance floor on Strictly Come Dancing serves as an inspiration. It reminds us all that age should never limit one’s passion or dreams.


Q: How old is Angela Rippon currently?
A: As of 2023, Angela Rippon is 78 years old.

Q: Was Angela the first female anchor for BBC national TV news?
A: Yes, in 1975, Angela became the first woman to permanently anchor the BBC national TV news.

Q: Why is Angela Rippon trending in 2023?
A: Angela’s participation in Strictly Come Dancing 2023 has garnered attention due to her impressive performances and age.

Q: Has Angela commented on her youthful appearance?
A: Angela credits her youthful look to her lifestyle choices and the good genes inherited from her parents. She’s not a proponent of cosmetic enhancements.