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Short Description :

CashOn is UI Component + UI kit about Cashback and Deals App, This UI Kit comes with around 20+ Screens and it will workes in both plateform android and iOS. This UI enable you to develop beautiful and feature-rich can take some part of code whatever you like and implement it into your code. Our Code is well organized with all folders, file name, class name variable and functions. As well as it’s well-named make this code easy to reuse and customize.

Prebuild app template are designed to save your time and money, with help of this app you can save 1000+ developments hours and money.


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Coupons and cashback


  • Made with: Flutter 2.10.0
  • Null Safety
  • Flutter Widgets used
  • Easy to understand layouts
  • Well organized Documentation
  • 30+ Premium mobile screens, enhance your product design workflow
  • 100% customisable
  • Ready to use

Includes Pages

  • Intro
  • Login Page
  • Verify OTP Page
  • Home
  • Popular Stores
  • All Stores page
  • All Categories Page
  • Single Store Page
  • Featured Stores Page
  • Profile Page
  • Dashboard Page
  • Refer and Earn Page
  • Cashback Page
  • Withdraw Page
  • My Wallet
  • and many more….



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