Flutter Template – Ordering Application




Flutter Template – Ordering Application is a cross-platform template which support both IOS and ANDROID. With this template you can create your own ordering application with beautiful designs and animation
This template is easy to configure and customize to suit your needs. It can also be extended using existing components.

1. Is there have documentation for guiding how use the source code ?
Documentation and source code are included in download package. You will get all in one.

2. Does it support backend or connecting any API ?
No, It does not. It just template application only. We do not connect any APIs. You have to add APIs functions by yourself

3. After buying this application, can i modify components and add more functions?
Yes, you can add and extend with other functionalities

4. Can I use this application and connect with my backend APIs?
Yes, you just add more functions for connecting it with your backend APIs

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