Quick Delivery – Food Delivery Mobile App Flutter Template




Quick Delivery – Food Delivery Flutter Template

Quick Delivery Mobile App Template is a Flutter based template, which helps you create a food
delivery based application for both iOS and Android. It comes with a slick and modern look, all the necessary
screens to build a user side food ordering mobile app. With easily customisable options, you could make the app look
as per your taste and requirement in just a few steps.

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  • Built with Flutter 3.7.6
  • Well-crafted components
  • Easy to customise
  • Seamless cross-platform
  • Absolute screen compatibility
  • Comes with free fonts integrated
  • 30+ mobile screens
  • On boarding: Clean and minimal screens to get started with app’s journey
  • Authentication: Have your users authenticated with a few steps
  • Forgot password: Don’t worry! We got you covered in case you forget your password
  • Location: Select location to get the food delivered at your doorstep
  • Home: Explore and find your favourite food from your choice of restaurant
  • Recommended: Get recommendation based on your taste
  • Search: Help scavenge to fullfill your taste buds
  • Restaurant details: Get to know who is serving what at when and where
  • Cart: Review & Finalise your order
  • Profile: More than enough customisable options to build your profile screen
  • Order history: A way to look back and re-order your favourite dishes
  • Address: Add address to get your food delivered at right place
  • Notification: Keep the users stay up to date
  • Favourites: A way to get to your favourite dishes fast
  • Rate us: Provide rating and review to know what can be improved and how to serve better
  • Help & FAQs: Users can check this screen out in case they have any queries

Quick Delivery - Food Delivery Flutter Template

Designed to save hours of man work for creating unique UI, a powerful starter project that bootstraps development of
your mobile application. The application has more than 30 screens.

Ready to use Screens

  • Splash Screen
  • Onboarding Screen
  • Login Screen
  • Sign Up Screen
  • Confirm your Number OTP Screen
  • OTP Success Screen
  • Forgot Password Screen
  • Reset Password Screen
  • Password Update Success Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Location Selection Screen
  • Category Screen
  • Recommended Food Screen
  • Recommended Restaurant Screen
  • Search Food Screen
  • Filter Food Screen
  • Restaurant details Screen
  • Menu Screen
  • Item Details Screen
  • Cart Screen
  • Payment Method Screen
  • Payment Success Screen
  • Profile Screen
  • Profile Edit Screen
  • My Orders Screen
  • Order Summary Screen
  • Delivery Address Screen
  • Add Delivery Address Screen
  • Notifications Screen
  • Your Rating Screen
  • Help & FAQs Screen
  • Favourite Screen
  • V1.0 6th Mar 2023
    • Initial Release

Note: This is just a UI template, no backend functionality included.

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