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Ready Rental Flutter Mobile App Template

Ready Rental Mobile App Template is a Flutter based template, which helps you create a rental property based
application for both iOS and Android. It comes with a slick and modern look, all the necessary screens to
build a user side rental property app.
With easily customisable options, you could make the app look as per your taste and requirement in just a few steps.

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React Native Version is also available

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  • Built with Flutter 3.0.1
  • Easy to customise
  • Seamless cross-platform
  • Absolute screen compatibility
  • Comes with free fonts integrated
  • 40+ mobile screens
  • On boarding: Clean and minimal screens to get started with app’s journey
  • Authentication: Have your users authenticated with a few steps
  • Home: Explore and find your desired property
  • Location: Find what you are looking for on the map
  • Profile: More than enough customisable options to build your profile screen
  • Notification: Keep the users stay up to date
  • Property details: Know the properties well
  • Property listing & filter: Helps to find out the property you are looking forĀ 
  • Wishlist: Add properties to Wishlist now, check them later
  • Chat: Connect directly with properly owners

ready rental flutter mobile app template

Designed to save hours of man work for creating unique UI, a powerful starter project that bootstraps development of your mobile application. The application has more than 40 screens.

Ready to use Screens

  1. Splash Screen
  2. Welcome Screen
  3. Login Screen
  4. Sign Up Screen
  5. Confirm your Number OTP (SignUp)
  6. Confirm your Number OTP (Login)
  7. Forgot Screen
  8. Reset password
  9. Success Screen (SignUp)
  10. Success Screen (Login)
  11. Home Screen
  12. Wishlist Screen
  13. Booking Screen
  14. Message Screen
  15. Current Location Screen
  16. Profile Screen
  17. Profile Edit Screen
  18. My Rental Property Screen
  19. Payment Mathod Screen
  20. Change Password Screen
  21. Safety Centre Screen
  22. Help Centre Screen
  23. Terms of Service Screen
  24. Feedback Screen
  25. Identity Verification Screen
  26. Select Proof Screen
  27. Camera Screen
  28. Emergency Contact Screen
  29. Emergency Contact Detail Screen
  30. Select Language Screen
  31. My Rental Property Active Screen
  32. My Rental Property History Screen
  33. Payment Mathod Detail Screen
  34. Change Password Screen
  35. Notification Screen
  36. Property Details Screen
  37. Property Listing map Screen
  38. Booking Detail Screen
  39. Choose a payment Option Screen
  40. Chat List Details Screen

What you get in package

  • Flutter(Dart) Source Code
  • Project Documentation
  • V1.0 18th Nov 2022
    • Initial release

Note: This is just a UI template, no backend functionality included.

If you want to start a project related with Rental mobile application, just try it now.



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