Tumi Mhlongo What Became of Below Deck Down Under Cherished Season 1 Second Stewardess?

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Tumi Mhlongo What Became of Below Deck Down Under Cherished Season 1 Second Stewardess? Tumi Mhlongo, the second stewardess of Below Deck Down Under’s inaugural season, captivated viewers with her vibrant personality and adeptness. Since then, fans have been curious about her journey post-show.

Tumi Mhlongo What Became Of Below Deck Down Under Cherished Season 1 Second Stewardess?

Tumi Mhlongo What Became Of Below Deck Down Under Cherished Season 1 Second Stewardess?

As the second stewardess aboard the M/Y Thalassa, Tumi showcased her dedication and chemistry with other crew members, especially her connection with fellow stew, Magda Ziomek. Apart from her work ethic, her mixology skills particularly stood out, turning simple ingredients into exceptional cocktails.


Summary of Tumi Mhlongo

Date Event
March 17, 2022 Tumi Mhlongo debuts as the second stew on Below Deck Down Under.
May 17, 2022 Season 1 of Below Deck Down Under concludes.
June 17, 2022 Tumi becomes a chief stew on a Mediterranean superyacht.
August 17, 2022 Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under begins, with the daring cliffhanger involving guests.

Where is Tumi Mhlongo Now?

Following the end of the show on May 17, 2022, Tumi didn’t abandon her passion for yachting. By June 17, 2022, she had embraced the role of a chief stew on a lavish superyacht in the Mediterranean. Beyond yachting, Tumi’s influence expanded to social media, celebrating diversity in yachting.

Tumi’s charisma wasn’t limited to her on-screen presence. Her knack for infusing fun into work, combined with her expertise, contributed immensely to the show’s charm. The jovial atmosphere aboard the M/Y Thalassa was, in part, thanks to her.

Tumi Mhlongo’s Presence in Below Deck Down Under Fandom

Tumi’s footprint in the Below Deck Down Under community is undeniable. Her legacy on the show remains a topic of admiration and fondness. Many anticipate her potential return in subsequent seasons.

Revisiting Other Former Below Deck Down Under Stars

Not just Tumi, other crew members too have carved niches for themselves. For instance, Aesha Scott co-hosts the Below Deck Down Under After Show, while deckhand Brittini Burton now brokers yachts. Jason Jackson, the bosun, has climbed ranks to become a captain.

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Premiere Cliffhanger

The unexpected turn in the premiere of the show’s second season on August 17, 2022, where guests brazenly jumped off the boat, became a hot topic. Many speculated how Tumi, with her adept handling, might have influenced the episode’s unfolding.


From her debut in Below Deck Down Under to her present endeavors, Tumi Mhlongo’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring. As she continues to champion inclusivity in yachting, her star only shines brighter in the industry and fans’ hearts.

Q: When did Tumi Mhlongo join Below Deck Down Under?
She joined during its first season, introduced on March 17, 2022.

Q: What role did Tumi play on the show?
Tumi was the second stewardess and was particularly known for her mixology skills.

Q: Where is Tumi Mhlongo currently working?
Post the show, by June 2022, Tumi transitioned to a chief stew role on a superyacht in the Mediterranean.

Q: Was Tumi Mhlongo a part of the second season of Below Deck Down Under?
Tumi was from the first season. However, the second season often stirred discussions about how her presence might have impacted various situations.